Canada cool

The Chicago Bears were watching instead of playing in Sunday’s Super Bowl, but that could change next year now that the team has hired a coach from a rising star among nations: Canada.

Yes, Canada. Boring, eager-to-please Canada is taking Chicago by storm — in a nice way, of course.

It isn’t just the arrival of Marc Trestman from the Montreal Alouettes as head coach of the Bears that heralds Canada’s ascension to the ranks of Chicago cool.

Consider poutine. This homely dish, a tradition in Quebec, has become a popular menu item at some of Chicago’s trendiest eateries. Take a mess of french fries, sprinkle on cheese curds then ladle brown gravy all over it. Embellishments range from foie gras to kimchi. Reactions range from “Yuck” to “Yum.”

Poutine commands attention, like so many imports from the land of moose and maples…Keep reading

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